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Hi, I’m Jodie Morgan!

I’m an Australian knitter and crocheter with 40+ years of experience, and a member of the Craft Industry Alliance.

Feeling stuck trying to find inspiration and creativity in your knitting or crocheting journey amidst a hectic schedule? You're not alone.

We all struggle to carve out time for our beloved craft!

To fight the overwhelm, you need a community. A place where you’re supported and inspired, and you can make the most of the time you have.

Introducing A Calmer Approach To Connecting With Your Creative Side

Yarn Bay is just the thing! It’s a community of thousands of happy crocheters and knitters, coming together to be inspired, stress-free, and enjoy themselves.

What’s The Weekly Schedule?

  • Banish your knitting dilemmas: discover your next masterpiece in just 7 mins. Get 12 hand-curated designs, 6 invaluable tips, and 6 pieces of inspiring knitting art delivered to you every Tuesday.

  • Survive the Hump Day drudgery with a dose of cuteness in 4 mins or less. See fun photos and stories about our community's delightful companions.

  • Banish your crochet nightmares: discover your next masterpiece in just 7 mins. Get 12 hand-curated designs, 6 invaluable tips, and 6 pieces of inspiring knitting art delivered to you every Thursday.

  • Friday as just a waiting game? No longer! Get inspired for a weekend of creativity in 7 mins or less. Let’s discuss the big ideas that’ll help you become a joyful, stress-free crafter.

  • Don’t just endure the Sunday Scaries. Eliminate them entirely with my fun recommendations in 17 mins or less or it’s FREE. Guaranteed. (Making, creativity, staying relevant, positivity, and aging well.)

Is Becoming A Yarn Bay Member Right For Me?

If you want to take the time to discover new things, connect with likeminded others, find more joy, and make beautiful things, YES, this is for you! You’ll unlock a friendly community, regardless of your skills or fiber arts interests.

Envision a world imbued with more…

  • CREATIVITY: Experiment with designs you love, learn at your own pace.

  • JOY: you’ll be inspired to develop skills that last a lifetime.

Bottom Line: If you’re not already the most satisfied, happy maker you can be... Knitting Habits will transform your craft, guaranteed.

If That’s What You Want, Then… Yarn Bay Is Right For You.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

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Yarn Bay will empower your creative journey. You’ll get immediate access to a wealth of inspiration, satisfaction guaranteed. No hidden fees or illusions!

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If you become a free member, you get the weekly posts, plus,

  • 📝 Project Notes: A behind-the-scenes look at my crafting process.

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  • 🛠️ Tutorials: Video guides to help you expand your skill set.

For $6/month or $60/year, paid members get all the above, plus,

  • 🔑 Exclusive Posts: Insights you won't find anywhere else, made just for you.

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  • 🛠️ Tutorial Extras: The audio versions + transcripts of my guides.

And for $99/year, insider members get all the above +

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  • 🧶 Pattern Downloads: PDFs of all my knitting and crochet designs.

Here’s What Other Members Are Saying..

“Jodie Morgan is an Australian knitter and crocheter. The focus of her Substack is curation of products and technique resources. Her weekly newsletters for all subscribers are packed with yarn store tours, trivia, updates on her works-in-progress, and product recommendations.”

, The Craft Industry Alliance

“Jodie and her newsletters are always a source of inspiration and connection around yarn, crafting a handmade life in the smallest details, and noticing the beauty in the smallest things. A breath of fresh air when one comes in my inbox.”

“Knitters! You gotta check out all the wonderful things Jodie offers! ❤️ I'm enjoying her Fiber Fridays, but she offers so much more in the way of tutorials and all kinds of knitterly goodness!”

“Jodie’s always interesting to read and her work offers a comprehensive guide to all aspects of knitting and crochet.”

“I’m really enjoying the yarny world of Jodie Morgan. Jodie has a wealth of knowledge and experience which she shares so generously, and I love the fact that I meet so many other yarny folk through her writing.”

“Jodie speaks from the heart and is a breath of fresh air. I love her Friday letter and look forward to it immensly.”

“Absolutely love how Jodie works on her projects and then reflects on them too! ❤️”

“Jodie is sharing lots of knitting eye candy to ignite or reignite your love of this soothing, mindful craft.”

“I love the links you've shared here and look forward to diving in and absorbing them. I don't think it would be possible to stay in a grumpy mood if one was reading this post, simply showing up here makes me feel vibrant and like I want to live my life and explore all these things. Thank you!”

“Folks, please check out Jodie’s Substack, it’s full of wonderful fibery stuff every week!”

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Jodie Morgan is an avid knitter and crocheter with 40+ years of experience. She's the author of the Knitting Habits & Crochet Habits success manuals, unraveling centuries of wisdom. Join her and many happy knitters and crocheters in Yarn Bay.
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